2020! Another decade behind us…
Hello Nielsen alumni & friends
I hope you are enjoying this new year and thank you for spending time catching up on the A.C. Nielsen Center.  
Fall 2019 was not only a big semester of activity for us but also it marked the launch of our new name and next chapter of the A.C. Nielsen Center – now the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics & Insights!  We are thrilled to be introducing three new classes into the curriculum to support the broadening of our toolbox to include analytical skills to accompany the already rigorous quantitative and qualitative tools we have covered for years.  The new classes include:
  • Data Visualization - which utilizes how to effectively display analysis and findings in excel, r & Tableau 
  • Data Technology – which teaches a variety of tools like SQL and python to scrape data from the web and other sources for advanced data synthesis
  • Experiments & Causal Methods – recent graduates will know we haven’t had a business-school based experimental design class for years so we are thrilled to have this capability back in the Wisconsin School of Business.  
Our other marketing research methodologies and application classes remain:
  • Marketing Research, the introduction class everyone takes in the first semester
  • Developing Breakthrough New Products
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Qualitatively-Based Marketing Insights
  • Marketing Consulting Practicum
  • Current Topics for Marketing Analytics & Insights
The name change and its new broader application to include analytical tools we hope will broaden our prospective student interest as well as potential employers are students want more flexibility in what options their MBA degree provides them.  Additionally exciting, we have a donor supporting the new name and positioning with a major matching gift initiate where every dollar donated through the 2020 Summit, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000!  This has major implications for the financial health of our program as we have never received a gift of this magnitude since the initial A.C. Nielsen family gifts that our Center was founded under.  Please make a gift today to help us reach our goal of collectively raising $100,000 to support this next chapter of the A.C. Nielsen Center.  
Additionally in this fall semester, we welcomed a new Wisconsin School of Business Dean – “Dean Samba”.  Samba has spent the fall semester in a strategic planning process which will be follow up by a variety of task forces that launch in spring to help us determine what paths and options for the Wisconsin School of Business to focus our efforts.  It is exciting to have such strong leadership and a now clearly stated mission “We connect and empower a dynamic community of lifelong learners, scholars and organizations to imagine, create and lead the future of business.’  On, Wisconsin!
As we move into 2020 – a new decade aligned with the new chapter of the A.C. Nielsen Center, we are focused on communicating our new name with an advertising campaign to target prospective students.  We will share with you when we have creative to unveil – hopefully in early January!  Exciting.  The 2020 Summit is also a major initiative.  Mark your calendars for Oct 8 & 9th here in Madison!  We are aiming to grow the Summit attendees with more alumni and industry partners in attendance so please bring a colleague or your favorite partner as a way to show off your love for UW and the A.C. Nielsen Center.  
Our students have been quite successful in their internship and full time job searches.  We have only one May 2020 graduate looking for a job and Rick Cardenas is focusing on the LA area as that is his home.  Let us know if you have any leads for him!  We have two students looking for their internships so also think of us if you know of any opportunities although I keep telling them it is only a matter of time before they get hired by some fantastic company as we have such a strong 100% internship placement rate!  😊  
Lastly, just a note of thanks and gratitude.  I feel so lucky to be a part of the A.C. Nielsen Center.  I love seeing your career advancement posts on LinkedIn or family pictures on Facebook, etc.  We have a great community in the A.C. Nielsen Center and that is largely due to you and your experience here at UW.  Janet Christopher set us all up for success – either directly in the first ~20+ years of the program but also as she continues to be a mentor and role model for me.  When I think of how lucky I am to be with the A.C. Nielsen Center, Janet, Neeraj, Christine, and other team members, our alumni and industry friends all come together for an incredible winning recipe. Thank you to you all!
Cheers to you and your 2020!
On, Wisconsin! -Kristin