As the A.C. Nielsen Center continues to evolve to educate the insights leaders of tomorrow we are embarking on a major A.C. Nielsen Giving Campaign  aiming to raise $100,000. As we enter the holiday season I’m asking you to include us in your charitable giving and help us reach this goal by giving today! We already have a generous offer to match every dollar donated up to $50,000! Malcolm Thorne, Class of 1996 and one of our Alumni Representatives, has graciously started this campaign with his matching gift and has a special Campaign kickoff message for all our alumni:  

M Thorne"As changes in IOT, connectivity and AI tools & techniques leads to an explosion in data and analytics, the global market is woefully short of qualified people to interpret these analytics, turn them into usable insights and ultimately winning business strategies. This is creating a unique opportunity for the Nielsen Center and UW-Madison as a whole to lead in solving this talent problem. This IBM study provides interesting insight into these trends. 

I am passionate that marketing research/consumer insights professionals need to be front and center as the strategic translators in this evolution. No other constituent has the unique combination of data, statistics, consumer and strategy skillsets.  

As the A.C. Nielsen Center celebrates its 30th anniversary and Dean Samba builds out his vision for analytics leadership at Wisconsin, the Center is in a unique position to capitalize on this trend.  David and I have two primary objectives this year. 

  1. First raise $100K to inject into the Center. 
  2. Second expand the scope, audience and influence of the Summit.  

We need your help on both of these fronts to make this happen.   

First, mark your calendar for the 2020 Summit on Oct 8th and 9th of 2020.  This is the year you are going to want to be there.  Don’t tell us you have work to do - bring your colleagues with you. Last year we had 208 attendees. This year our goal is 300. It won’t happen without your support.   

Second, I am sure the Nielsen Center has played a major role in helping you get to where you are in your life today.  Let’s thank the Center together for what it has done for us and enable that opportunity for future generations of Nielsen Alumni.  As the world continues its fascination with all things analytics – let’s ensure they know that the Nielsen Center is where the world’s best strategic talent gets trained.  

I am offering to match up to a total of $50,000 in donations to the A.C. Nielsen Center from either individuals or corporations as part of this campaign.  Please ensure that I need to spend every dollar of this $50K match. I hope you will join me in helping setup the center for future success.  Thanks in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you in October of 2020."

--Malcolm Thorne, Class of 1996