Muhammad Ammad Amin

Giustina’s journey towards becoming an insights professional started during her time as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. Even though she wasn’t a business student she took a class in the business school where Teaching Assistant ‘Kaz’ Kazim Gunay (A.C. Nielsen Center Class of 2003), inspired her to learn more about the profession. She was able to develop an insights network as a student and secured a position at the Nielsen Company upon graduation. She spent her time at Nielsen working on the Oscar Meyer account where her team comprised of many alums of the program. As she progressed in her career, she felt the need for more formal training around strategic business decision making and finance and decided to pursue an MBA. Working with those alums of our program was a big influence in her decision to join the Wisconsin School of Business MBA program.

She thoroughly enjoyed her journey through the program, having many great memories of experiences that helped her grow personally and professionally. One such experience was being paired up with a second-year marketing student while taking the Marketing Analytics course. The class required a lot of analysis and scrubbing insights from the data. 

Having a team member who had already completed a summer internship was invaluable in shaping the importance of storytelling in Giustina’s mind. She calls this experience the most positive flip on how she approached analytics and insights going forward. Another experience that stands out to her is working with her cross functional core team on projects. That experience not only gave her some great friends for life (including Jake Dean, Director of the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management) but an opportunity to closely analyze companies and make strategic recommendations for future growth, such as a Block Buster project that led her team to accurately predict the impending bankruptcy.   Alum2

After completing the MBA program she joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) on their shopper insights team. Here she was able to leverage the insights skills she had developed as a student. Primarily, she ran experiments around redesigning shelf sets to help consumers find products faster and purchase more per trip, benefitting both the customer and P&G. 

A Madison native, she couldn’t resist the urge of returning home and she took a position with Oscar Meyer on their new product development and core insights team. Here she worked on some repackaging projects and projects involving line extensions and new products. After Oscar Meyer decided to move the insights function to Chicago, Giustina decided to stay put in Madison and took up a role with American Family. This role was unlike her previous roles as she is no longer working on products but a promise. In this role she studies consumer’s journey through the various touch points they have with the company and how consumer’s experience helps or hurts their trust of and relationship with American Family. 

Giustina thoroughly enjoys her role as the alumni representative to the board and loves being back on campus whenever she has the chance. Board meetings give her a lot of energy and an opportunity to listen in on industry thought leadership which she can leverage for her job. She also loves interacting with students and those interactions really energize her. 

Her message to prospective MBA students looking to become insights professionals is very straight forward: The Wisconsin MBA is where she got an opportunity to make lifelong friends and she found a network of insights professionals who have served as her mentors and career advocates opening many doors for her. Alum1She believes anyone choosing the Wisconsin School of Business will be able to form same lifelong connections and benefit from the amazing network of alumni as much as she did. 

In her personal life Giustina is a huge Disney fan and that fandom for Disney runs in her family as her daughters Amelie (5 years old) and Thea (7 years old) and husband Drew love Disney as much as her. As an insights professional she finds Disney to be a fascinating case study in delivering amazing customer experience.