By Kristin Branch

Kristin Branch

Between the end of fall semester and the end of the year it’s a good time to pause and reflect.  This newsletter covers so many of this semester’s highlights – the Summit, our field trip to Minneapolis and so many other student experiences. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about what is happening here at UW and the A.C. Nielsen Center.  We hope this brings you back to your graduate study days and is fodder for your own pause and reflection.


You’ll read about our biennial Summit - one of our biggest and most important events.  We aim to entice as many alumni as we can to come back to campus for a day of learning and reconnecting.  We are incredibly lucky to the caliber of speakers donate their time, travel and expertise to help make our event so strong

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By Jessica Colberg

This fall, the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research brought together industry professionals, students, and alumni for a full day Summit on consumer insights and the role it plays in responding to disruption. This biennial conference of almost 200 attendees features a full schedule of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and the chance for students to connect with insights leaders from Google, P&G, Microsoft, Ipsos, and many others.

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By Kathryn Elenius

Telling a good story about data isn’t an easy process – it necessitates understanding both who you’re telling the story about and who you’re telling the story to.

Students in the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research had the opportunity to learn about both aspects from industry experts in Minneapolis – by visiting General Mills and United Health Group.


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By Kelsey Ketelsleger

I am what they call a ‘Double Badger.’ I did my undergrad at Wisconsin and loved it so much I thought I’d come back for more and pursue my MBA here! That being said, the idea of being a Badger for life is one that is near and dear to my heart.

Three things stand out to me when I think about being a Badger for life: 


In my opinion, Badgers have some of the best school spirit around!

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By Ammad Amin

Professor Jan Heide’s journey towards becoming a distinguished academic is rather unique. Jan was originally an undergraduate business student at the Norwegian School of Management. After graduation, he took advantage of an exchange program with the University of Wisconsin to pursue his MBA at Wisconsin. Though he majored in Finance as an MBA student, it was a marketing elective class on “Product and Price Management” that helped him realize that his true interest was in marketing.

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By Ammad Amin

Giustina’s journey towards becoming an insights professional started during her time as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin. Even though she wasn’t a business student she took a class in the business school where Teaching Assistant ‘Kaz’ Kazim Gunay (A.C. Nielsen Center Class of 2003), inspired her to learn more about the profession. She was able to develop an insights network as a student and secured a position at the Nielsen Company upon graduation. She spent her time at Nielsen working on the Oscar Meyer account where her team comprised of many alums of the program.

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Curricular Updates: 

Last year we had the opportunity to implement new ideas for how we structure the full-time MBA curriculum. The idea worked well, and we’re pleased to share our module system has returned for the 2018-2019 year. 

The module system is similar to the “quarter system” many schools and universities have used in the past, however with modules we are able to do be more flexible with several learning approaches.  The specialization courses continue to be offered at a full semester length allowing for depth and consistency. We have a new Leadership Symposium in its own week dividing the first and second core modules each semester which allows the students to focus on their leadership learning and reflection.


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We are happy to welcome two new Alumni Representatives to the A.C. Nielsen External Advisory Board: David Gailey, Class of 2016 and Malcolm Thorne, Class of 1997. They will be representing the alumni at External Advisory Board meetings, planning the next A.C. Nielsen Summit and so much more from 2019-2021. 

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See what our alumni are up to. 

Niraj Amin, Class of 2018 

  • Started a new job on October 1st as a Research Executive with The Research Partnership, Inc. in Horsham, PA. It is a marketing research agency that works with clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare spaces.
  • Will be moving into an apartment in Center City, Philadelphia on December 8th... the building is a part of the Philadelphia skyline!

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