By Kristin Branch

Kristin BranchDecember greetings friends & family of the A.C. Nielsen Center!

It is that time of the year where the semester draws to a close, we spend more time with family and loved ones and often give thanks to all of good things in life. As I reflect on 2016, I continue to be amazed at all of the good things here at the A.C. Nielsen Center and our community...

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By Laura Sheehan

Laura SheehanLate October this semester we once again had a successful board meeting with External Advisory Board members from companies all across the country. This is always an exciting few days as we, the students, get to meet and connect in-person with talented, intelligent individuals within the field of marketing research, or better known as consumer insights. We started our days with a lunch for students to sit and meet with board members. This is often the first time that first year students get to meet their mentors and a time for second years to reconnect with theirs...

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By Niraj Amin

Niraj AminThis November, the A.C. Nielsen Center and the Center for Brand and Product Management traveled to Minneapolis, MN to visit General Mills and Target headquarters to get exposure to each organization, and learn more about how their marketing teams functioned. As a career-switcher who is relatively new to the marketing world, I left the trip with many helpful takeaways from both company visits.

At General Mills, Carla Vernon, VP of Snacks and Andy Dybvig, Director of Consumer Insights spoke to us about various important lessons they'd learned over during their careers with the company. The insights that had the most impact on me were...

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By Manish Tewani

Manish TewaniIt feels like yesterday when I bid adieu to my family in India and traveled halfway across the world to come to Madison amidst the beautiful August weather, and now I am at the homestretch of the first semester. This journey of 15 weeks has been more memorable than I could have ever imagined.

The tone for the semester was set right away with the two-week long MBA experience. Coming to Madison after having pursued my previous education in India, it was a pleasant surprise to see the diversity in the class. During the MBA experience, not only did I learn from all the speakers...

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By Shaun Kane

Shaun KaneLooking back at my three semesters in the program, there has been a great breadth in classes. Selecting my favorite has been somewhat difficult, and has had very unexpected results. Coming in to the program, I was most looking forward to the quantitative classes. Syllabi that included learning a formula, methodology, or a statistical software were sure to make their way into my schedule...

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We are pleased to announce that many A.C. Nielsen first-years have been elected into leadership positions within student organizations at the Wisconsin School of Business. See the our student leaders listed below.

  • Manish Tewani, First-Year Rep, Graduate Business Association
  • Diego Hahn, Co-President, Graduate Marketing Network
  • Alexandra Grinsell, Treasurer, Graduate Marketing Network
  • Susannah Maiken, Co-President, Graduate Women in Business
  • Mollie Monaghan, Vice-President, Graduate Women in Busines

Career Updates

  • TR Snyder (’15) has accepted a new position with Ahold USA and will relocate to central Pennsylvania this January.
  • Tracy Dion (’14) and Ben Blaweiss (’13), have moved to Boston for P&G's Gillette/Venus business.
  • Daniela Farmache ('08) and husband have recently relocated to the Philippines after taking an 18-month assignment to transform the market. They moved to Manila in July with their son Nathan, and love both the warm weather and the friendliness of the people.

Personal Updates

  • Elizabeth Knox Oates (’06) and husband Travis welcomed baby Margaret into our family on August 25. She joins big sister Isabella.
  • Jack Tong (’16) and wife Josephine welcomed his first child Oscar on October 25.
  • TR Snyder (’15) and wife Julie are expecting their first child in January 2017.

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