Min NieThe A.C. Nielsen External Advisory Board (EAB) meeting takes place twice annually and is always a highlight of each semester. Although this fall’s meeting was my third, I still cherish the opportunity to network with the smartest leaders in the marketing research industry.

In addition to familiar faces, this meeting included members from two new companies - eBay and Bain. It was great to hear these companies’ perspectives on marketing research within the e-commerce and consulting industries. Their appearances represent the beauty of our semi-annual EAB meeting: each session yields an unexpected surprise, from industry trends, to innovative research methods or new inspirational board members.

External Advisory Board Meeting Photo 1

While every board meeting provides new opportunity, it’s also great to continue bonding with board members we’ve met previously. I am continually amazed that the A.C. Nielsen board members remember my name and ask me how my summer internship was. This is a clear indicator of their commitment to the Center and its students.

External Advisory Board Meeting Photo 2

I’m thankful to have met my new mentor through a game of “Speed Networking” at this year’s EAB meeting. He is so helpful in providing input on my future career options. I am already looking forward to seeing him next semester.

External Advisory Board Meeting Photo 3

Just like time flies by at TAPS and other MBA events, the 2-day EAB meeting always seems too short. At the end, we shake hands and know we’ll reunite next semester, and that each meeting is always better than the last. Here’s to spring 2016!