Class of 2015 Placements:

The Class of 2015 has achieved 100% full-time placement.

Kelly Goldthorpe   Simon Li   Fiona Severson

Kelly Goldthorpe


Simon Li
American Girl


Fiona Severson

Jeremy Southard   Stephen Griffiths   Xiaofei Li

Jeremy Southard


Stephen Griffiths
General Mills


Xiaofei Li

Zach Smith   Jenny Ulvestad   Ashish Khandelwal

Zach Smith


Jenny Ulvestad
Dish Network


Ashish Khandelwal

Kyle Naff   TR Snyder    

Kyle Naff
Vision Critical


TR Snyder
The Colorox Company


In other alumni news:

  • Duane Burton (Class of 2007 ) moved to Google this month as the Analytical Lead-Home/Personal Care
  • Kelly Goldthorpe (Class of 2015) won Rookie of the Year at Prophet as part of the Aaker Awards
  • Tom Krause (Class of 1992) moved to Post Consumer Brands this month as the Director of Insights

Personal Alumni News:

  • David Shepherd (Class of 2011) is engaged to Melissa Riehl.  They recently purchased a home in Farmington Hills, MI and nuptials are planned for June 2016.
  • Zach Smith (Class of 2015) is engaged to Julia Rubinshteyn.
  • Jenny Ulvestad (Class of 2015) is engaged to Vaibhav Bhatt with a wedding date of February 27th in Jaipur India.