Business is a social project and to run a successful business, it is imperative to have an acute understanding of your environment and end users. That ‘understanding’ for me is embodied by Marketing Research. In my previous experiences I worked as a decision enabler. I analyzed data, cajoled them to tell a story and then transformed it into a compelling narrative for decision makers. I was immensely helped by my preoccupation for asking the ‘Why’ and by innate curiosity to understand and document consumer behavior. I primarily worked on transactional data and realized how they could only ‘voice’ consumer’s behavior and nothing about what precedes the behavior. As a consumer of market research, I was able to create impactful business solutions by forging behavior with attitude and thereby providing a 360º view of consumers. These experiences motivated me to explore the world of Marketing Research.

The choice of the MBA destination was driven by my desired learning objectives. I desired deep expertise in Marketing Research, however I wanted to contextualize that knowledge and expertise with other facets of Business. The MBA program at Wisconsin School of Business with its unique specialization model offered me the right mix of domain knowledge and that contextual awareness. As an international student, I believe that this specialization model helps me to segregate myself from the General MBA crowd. This domain expertise is further emphasized by the student consulting program, which offers us an opportunity to experience applied learning. Strong industry partnership gives us opportunity to network and seek mentorship from industry stalwarts who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’. I have been here only for about four months, but it feels I have accumulated wisdom worth a hundred years. Curiosity may be deadly for cats but it is certainly the elixir of modern day businesses and I definitely feel like a small drop in that goblet of elixir.

On, Wisconsin!