Happy Holidays to all of our alumni, board members and industry partners!

We hope you are enjoying the festive season and are not too clogged down with end of the year work projects.

We have wrapped up the fall semester here on campus and by the time you read this our students will all be relaxing somewhere outside of Grainger – home with their parents or on some amazing vacation.  Oh to have a five week winter break...

This semester we welcomed Sarah Kervin to the A.C. Nielsen Center team.  Sarah has been a great addition and has jumped right into helping plan the Summit in addition to all of the Center events.  Speaking of the Summit– that has been a big priority for us this semester.  Gearing up to host the April 23 & 24 Alumni & Friends Summit is a big project, but it is a labor of love as it is when most of our alumni come back to visit.    The External Advisory Board meeting will be Thursday, April 23, and all alumni are welcome to attend the board meeting during Summits.  Then we will have a social dinner Thursday night and then the actual conference is all day Friday, April 24th.  Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there – you can register here.

Aside from the Summit planning our semester has been a busy one for our students. Fall semester houses the on-campus recruiting effort for A.C. Nielsen Center students, and this year we are fortunate to be able to say all of our first year students have accepted summer internship offers!  These companies are lucky enough to have one of our students join them this upcoming summer:  Eli Lilly, General Mills, Orbitz, PepsiCo, SC Johnson (two students), Walmart (two students), and Wrigley.  As for our second years – several of them accepted positions from their internships and others networked their way into other phenomenal opportunities.  The companies that have secured a 2015 graduate include: Clorox, General Mills, Prophet, PepsiCo & Walmart.  Several of our students are still seeking so if you know of a position applicable for a new graduate, please let us know.

You may have seen we started a new alumni referral program. When an alum refers a prospective student, that applicant will have their application fee waived. This is a $56 savings, but more importantly, it is an indication to us that a prospective student has connected with an alum.  Some of our best students come from alumni referrals!  All you have to do is email us the prospect’s name and email address and we will take it from there.  Thanks in advance!  Prospects for the Class of 2017 have several admissions deadlines through May 2015.  More information on how prospective students can apply here.

Lastly – I want to personally thank all of you who donated your time or money to the Center and UW this year.  We could not continue to do all that we do without your support.  Thank you.  You will see a donation request in the newsletter – we would love your support.  You can also make a gift when you register for the Summit. 

Enjoy the newsletter, it is a good summary of this semester’s events.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the Summit in April.  Keep in touch and as always, please let us know if there is anything the Center can do for you.

On, Wisconsin! – Kristin