The A.C. Nielsen Center is built on the legacy and funding of the Arthur C. Nielsen Jr. family, pioneers in the field of marketing research. The center was created to train MBA students in the specialized ideas, issues and techniques of marketing analytics and insights as well as to help discover and disseminate new marketing research knowledge.

The MBA offered with a specialization through the A.C. Nielsen Center is the premier full-time marketing analytics and insights MBA program in the country. Students are given the business acumen to work in cross-functional teams, the research and statistics foundation to successfully manage research projects, and the marketing knowledge to translate results into business programs that impact the bottom line.

The A.C. Nielsen Center has 40 senior level external advisory board members from across the U.S. who help make this a reality through training, internships, and full-time hires.

The center provides many resources to help future students, current students, alumni, and industry including:

  • Our Capstone Student Consulting class projects give students real-world experience while helping industry leaders move their businesses forward.
  • Marketing analytics and insights speakers and forums that teach state-of the-art approaches and help advance the profession.
  • Advising to help match students and alumni to career opportunities.
  • Networking contacts through external advisory board meetings, marketing research alumni reunions, and other on-campus events.

The Value of an MBA

To excel at marketing analytics and insights, you need to understand consumers and the motivations that lead them to act. You also need a deep understanding of the business implications of consumer actions. That's where an MBA offers value.

The Wisconsin MBA develops knowledge of the functional areas of business and builds a foundation to put theories, methods, and applications of marketing analytics and insights into a full business context. Key functional areas explored include accounting, finance, management, marketing, and operations. Critical business skills are developed in economics, ethics, data analysis, and decision-making.

The Wisconsin MBA in marketing analytics and insights combines the breadth of a general management curriculum with extensive coursework in marketing analytics and insights. Earning a Wisconsin MBA allows you to leverage market-research expertise to enable strategic decision-making. It places you at the table when key business decisions are made.

The Wisconsin MBA helps hone strategic thinking and management skills while providing the marketing analytics and insights professional with enhanced credibility in the business world.