Letter from the Director  

Wisconsin greetings, alumni and friends!

Just over two months ago, members of the class of 2013 were enjoying graduation weekend and the celebrations that ensued. Now Madison's summer calm has settled in but the memories of meeting our students' proud parents and watching the graduates say their goodbyes are fresh. I must admit a part of me is always a bit teary during the goodbyes at this time of the year.

This was a great year for our students' employment opportunities, as all of them had accepted internships and full-time positions by May 1! While I feel bad for the employers that weren't able to convert offers into acceptances, it is a good situation for our students to have opportunities they are excited about and to have such bright careers ahead of them... Read More »

 Spring Semester Activities  

Chicago Field Trip
By: Ben Blaweiss, Class of 2013

In late February, the A.C. Nielsen Center traveled to Chicago to conduct qualitative consumer research on U.S. Hispanic consumers for P&G and Target. Research supplier C+R partnered with us to help both P&G and Target find ways to mutually and beneficially grow the home cleaning category. The A.C. Nielsen Center students were fortunate to be able to work with C+R, P&G, and Target to determine how to target U.S. Hispanic shoppers in this category... Read More »

Spring 2013 External Advisory Board Meeting
By: Andrea Jedlicki, Class of 2013

On March 14, we kicked off the spring A.C. Nielsen Center external advisory board meeting. For second-year students like me who are graduating, it was our final board meeting as students. I'll miss them!

The advisory board meeting began with lunch on Thursday. Two of my mentors joined me and my classmates at our table. I feel lucky to have gotten to know these smart women during my two years here at school. After lunch, the afternoon session started. A.C. Nielsen Center Executive Director Neeraj Arora shared information about the new faculty the Marketing department has hired and the courses they'll be teaching. I'm excited for the future classes that will experience these curriculum updates. The board discussed what they look for in MBA-level market research hires and how they are seeing a blurring of the lines between market research and marketing. Our alumni representatives led an interactive and energetic session with fresh ideas on how to support the A.C. Nielsen Center... Read More »

Current Topics – Spring 2013
By: Jenn Rooke, Class of 2013

Every semester, we have a variety of Current Topics classes focusing on applying what we have learned in our classes and exposing us to real-world challenges that market researchers are facing. This spring semester, we had a wide range of alumni, board members, and faculty come to talk to us, offering great perspectives into issues we will be grappling with in our corporate careers and giving us the opportunity to ask questions—lots of questions! We are an inquisitive class and always have to be cut off at the end of the session to let our speakers go. Below is a recap of a few of the speakers we have been lucky enough to learn from this past semester. Our Wisconsin MBA would not be as valuable without the opportunity to learn from experts in our field in sessions like these... Read More »

 Student Consulting Program  

One of the unique aspects of the A.C. Nielsen Center's approach to student scholarships is our Student Consulting Program. When a student receives a project assistantship scholarship (full tuition remission, health insurance, and a small living stipend), it comes with a 13-hour-a-week work requirement. Rather than find on-campus use for those hours, we offer up the students' ability to be consultants on live marketing research projects to sponsoring companies.

This is a true win-win, as the company gets to utilize great student talent and the A.C. Nielsen Center earns revenue that is used to offer more scholarships. In addition, the student gets real and relevant experience implementing what they are learning in the classroom while adding to their resume... Read More »

 Class of 2013  

Final Thoughts
Author: Cally Thornton, Class of 2013

For my final thoughts on the A.C. Nielsen Center program, I can't think of any other way to start than a cliché. These two years went by way too fast. It feels like yesterday that we got Kristin's email introducing our class to each other, met up at the Terrace before orientation, or went to Harvest to celebrate the start of school. We were all in this together...and we were in for a lot!

We loved Jan's marketing class and survived the finance exams. Neeraj taught us how to work with Nielsen data, design a survey, and analyze the results. This year, we scaled, factored, and clustered. We learned about hermeneutics and attempted to do cultural branding. However, many of our experiences were outside the classroom. We made it through interview season, jumped into a frozen lake for charity, bonded in Chicago with alumni, and flew to Cincinnati to do interviews on diapers... Read More »


Alumni News

Duane Burton, Class of 2007:
Duane is now the senior manager of business foresight for the chocolate segment with Mars Incorporated. Congrats, Duane!

Paul Metz, Class of 1994:
Paul recently ran into alumni and current students at General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Check out their picture!

Elizabeth Remorenko, Class of 2009:
Elizabeth and her husband John Paul welcomed Catherine Carrington Remorenko on April 29, 2013. Congratulations, Elizabeth and John Paul!

Susan Tully, Class of 1997:
After 11 years in San Diego, Susan is now working back in the San Francisco Bay area. We wish Susan and her family the best of luck with their move!

Student News

Justin Hawkins, class of 2014, won the Best Presenter Award and his team won the 2013 Big Ten Plus Case Competition in April. Congratulations, Justin! Check out Justin's blog post to learn more about his experience.

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 and the Class of 2014 on their Full-Time and Internship placement!

Class of 2013

  • Aaron Anderson - Procter & Gamble
  • Ben Blaweiss - Procter & Gamble
  • Robin Day - Walmart
  • Andrea Jedlicki - Ecolab
  • S. Omar Jobe - Boston Scientific
  • Valeriya Kuts - Colgate-Palmolive
  • Chris Lawton - General Mills
  • Jennifer Rooke - Clorox
  • Kevin Sisco - The Nielsen Company
  • Cally Thornton - General Mills

Class of 2014

  • Bruce Courtney - General Mills
  • Tracy Dion - Procter & Gamble
  • Justin Hawkins - General Mills
  • Marina Maller - The DCI Marketing Group
  • Bonnie Putnam - Johnson & Johnson
  • Sally Sa - Walmart
  • Ted Sun - Clorox
  • Eliza Swedenborg - Shutterfly
  • Joanna Weiss - PepsiCo
  • Amy Woulfe - General Mills

Learn about all of the current A.C. Nielsen Center students!



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