Ben Blaweiss, Class of 2013

Ben Blaweiss

Eighteen A.C. Nielsen Center students and Kristin Branch, Center Director, traveled to China for 2012 Spring Break in a student-planned trip, providing a unique global experience and numerous opportunities for out-of-classroom learning. The trip commenced with a weekend in Hong Kong, filled with shopping, sightseeing and a delicious dim sum meal. We then traveled to Guangzhou where we took advantage of several business and cultural touch points.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our Executive Advisory Board members who helped facilitate connections with their companies’ local offices to further enhance our learning. Highlights of Guangzhou include conducting research with Dell and Wrigley in order to see firsthand how market research differs in an emerging market. Dell included Nielsen students in qualitative B2B research to better understand the role of technology in small and medium sized businesses; here we were able to view focus groups and conduct ethnographies in the offices of small businesses in a variety of industries. We gained hands-on research experience with Wrigley as well, accompanying the marketing team on in-home consumer interviews and store walks.

In addition, we toured a Procter & Gamble factory manufacturing baby care and feminine care products. We also visited the Colgate-Palmolive offices for a company presentation, an overview of the Chinese consumer market and a bonus presentation by Nielsen China. Finally, we visited Blue Moon, a Chinese CPG company, and 1506 Creative City, a local real estate development in Foshan City. Several students continued on to Beijing to wrap up the trip, enjoying Peking Duck and The Great Wall of China.

Check out the video Cally Thornton, Class of 2013, put together on the Center's trip to China!