How can you get involved?

The ultimate goal of the BBA Gov is to create opportunities for students to get involved and have a role in shaping the Wisconsin School of Business. As a BBA Gov President, Vice President, or Class Representative you can play a key role in a variety of initiatives working to make the Wisconsin School of Business a better place. If you’re looking for a smaller time commitment but still want to have a say in how the business school is run or help with a project that interests you, working as a BBA Gov Associate is a great way to get connected. As an Associate, students can work with BBA Gov executives and representatives on a team running projects such as the Grainger Cup, T-Shirt Day Tradition and Grainger Goes Pink. The time commitment of an Associate role can be as much or as little as you would like and allows you to have a real impact on the Wisconsin School of Business.

Committee Chair positions are currently open to interested students. To apply for a committee chair position, click here

Applications are due Sunday, 9/21 by 11:59pm.

Please contact the president at with questions about getting involved.