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Information for Prospective Students: The MHR Internship Program Summer 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The MHR Internship Program
Summer 2017

MHR 365: Professional Development in Management and Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 . What is the structure of the MHR Internship Program?

The MHR Internship Program is administered under the course title of, "MHR 365 - Professional Development in Management and Human Resources." Loren Kuzuhara, a Teaching Professor in the Department of Management and Human Resources, is the faculty director for this course. This course will be offered during the eight-week summer session starting in mid-June and running through the first week of August. There will not be a fixed meeting time for the class each week. The full class will meet two times during the summer (once at the beginning, once at the end of the summer). These meetings will use a seminar format and will provide students with an opportunity to share and discuss their work experiences with each other as a group, and to interact with alumni and other business professionals. Readings will be assigned for these meetings as well. In addition, each student intern will meet with the internship coordinator once a week for a 30-minute coaching session (in person or via Skype as a video conference). The purpose of these meetings is to have a one- to-one discussion about what the intern is doing each work, what is going well, where possible challenges or problems may exist, and what to do about them. It is also an opportunity to discus how concepts, principles, and tools learned in other classes are relevant to each student’s internship.

2 . What are the objectives of the MHR Internship Program?

The primary objective of the course is to bridge the gap between understanding principles and strategies for being a higher performing individual contributor or leader/manager and actually putting them into practice in relation to a specific internship or job in a “real world organization.” That is, the goal of this program is to maximize the knowledge and skills that students will need to become high performing individual contributors and leaders/managers.

3 . Why should I consider participating in this program/class?

The list of benefits associated with taking this course is extensive. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

  • Learning the numerous ways in which management concepts and theories learned in your MHR and business classes are relevant in practice in the real
  • Enhancing your professional orientation and savvy about real world organizations
  • The potential for your internship to lead to a full-time job offer
  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills about management, human resources, entrepreneurship, and the professional world in general
  • A great line for the work experience section of your resume
  • Great preparation for behavioral and situational interview questions when you start applying for jobs
  • Developing close working relationships with an MHR professor and business professionals who can serve as contacts for job opportunities, provide job
    references, and write strong letters of recommendation needed to get into elite graduate school programs
  • An opportunity to design and execute an application project that can "make a real difference" in enhancing the effectiveness and success of a real world
  • An opportunity to develop strong working relationships with working professionals who may serve as job references and contacts for job opportunities
    after graduation

4. Who can enroll in this program?

Students from ANY major in the School of Business or other majors (e.g., liberal arts, CALS, SOHE, engineering) on campus can take the course. Non-MHR majors in the School of Business (e.g., finance, accounting, actuarial science, etc.) can take this course to fulfill one of their business breadth requirements. Students with any class standing including freshman can take the course as well. Pre-Business students can take this class to enhance the strength of their applications to the School of Business. Certificate in Business students can also take this course to fulfill one of their certificate course requirements.

5. What are the minimum requirements for an acceptable internship that can be used for this course/program?

All internships used by students for this course must meet the minimum qualifications listed below.

* They must provide a minimum of 10 hours of work per week. The student intern and the employer may negotiate additional hours of work (up to 40 hours per week) as they feel is appropriate.
* The internship must run for a minimum of the eight-week summer session. The student intern and the employer may negotiate earlier starting dates and later ending dates for the internship as they feel is appropriate.
* Important: Students can participate in the program regardless of where they are doing their internships. Students can hold an internship during the summer anywhere in the U.S. or in the world, so long as he/she has a computer and an Internet connection. We typically have students in the program who are doing internships in places such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, etc. On an international level, we have had students doing internships in Greece, China, India, and Germany in the past.

6. What will the academic requirements be for this course/program?

* Attend both of the full-class meetings during the summer session. Distance learners can participate in the meeting via Skype.
* Complete all assigned readings from the assigned book ("Beating the 100 Big Lies about Your Job"), the Wall Street Journal, and other assigned readings. Students
will also complete weekly discussion contributions about their internship experiences and learning points and discuss them at meetings with the internship coordinator.
* Develop, implement, evaluate, and present a “Capstone Application Project (CAP)"that involves the application of course material to the student intern's organization. The objective of this project is to add value to the effectiveness and performance of each intern’s employer in a meaningful way. This project will be developed and executed by working closely with the intern's work supervisor and the internship program coordinator.

7. How will grades be determined in the course/program?

Student grades will be based on a traditional A-F scale based on the factors listed below.
* Quality of participation in weekly coaching meetings with the internship coordinator and the full class meetings.
* Quality of the presentation associated with the capstone project called the, “Capstone Application Project (CAP).”(3 credit students only)
* Performance evaluations from the intern's work supervisor.
* Note: There are no formal exams in this course and no traditional textbooks.

8. Do I have to pay UW tuition for doing the MHR Summer Internship Program?

Yes, since you will earn academic credit for completing the course, you will be required to pay tuition (one or three credits) as you would for other academic
courses at the UW-Madison.

9. What should I do, if I am interested in taking this course?

If you are interested in taking this course, please contact Loren Kuzuhara via e- mail at ASAP and set-up a meeting to discuss the course in greater depth. FYI, Loren’s office is 4114 Grainger Hall. You can also call him at (608) 209-0099, if you have questions.