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Graduating Seniors, Tell Us Your Plans!

by Angie Badura, Associate Director, BBA Career Advising Friday, March 17, 2017

Seniors: Please Enter Your Post-Graduation Plans

The BBA Advising Center collects the post-graduation plans of 100% of graduating students.  That is why we have that as part of the contract you signed!  Whether you are starting employment, job searching, continuing your education, starting your own business, or traveling, we want to know what you will be up to!

Please report your post-graduation plans in BuckyNet. It's easy: click on the shortcut to the right "Report Post-Graduation/Internship Plans,” fill out the proper sections, and click "Submit." You're done! You can always go back in BuckyNet and change your plans as needed.

All reported information is kept confidential and shared in aggregate form. This data is used in external publications, such as Businessweek, as well as used as a tool for prospective students and outside employers. The more accurate and detailed you are, the better.

Thank you for your cooperation, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation!