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How to Write Strong Bullet Points on your BBA Application Resume

by Rebecca Radke Thursday, March 15, 2012

First and foremost, we hope you have at least started your BBA Admissions Applications – they are due in about two weeks on March 30, 2012 at 4:30pm!

We understand that writing bullet points for your resume can be an intimidating task. You might have questions about how to start them, what to say, and how many there should be. All of these questions are completely normal and you’re not the only one wondering!

There are a few guidelines regarding bullet points that everyone should follow: Formatting consistency, action verbs, and length.

  • Formatting consistency: Consistent alignment is very important for both your pre-business and future job resume.  All bullet points should be vertically aligned together.  Similarly, all titles should be aligned together, as well as dates and locations together.  Examples of good alignment are shown in the pre-business admissions resume examples.
  • Action verbs:  Every bullet point should start with an action verb, such as: prepare, lead, maintain, etc. (refer to your action verb sheet if you came to a pre-business resume session or check out these suggestions).  An example: “Prepared weekly meeting agenda for 50+ club members using Microsoft Excel.” One recommendation: Do NOT start bullet points with “Responsible for…” as it’s not an action and is not results-oriented.
  • Length:  Bullet points should not be made into paragraphs, or even sentences.  They are phrases meant to briefly communicate the actions and results of your prior experiences – not to tell the whole story.  However, it is acceptable to go over one line of description so long as it is necessary to communicate actions and/or results.

Along with those guidelines, below are recommendations to most effectively write your bullet points:

  • Quantify: Add numbers in your bullet point descriptions as much as possible.  These numbers will stand out and provide a quantifiable description of your actions.  Remember, if the number is below 10, write it out (ex. “five”), if it’s above 10, use numbers (ex. “15”). Some examples:
    • Provided feedback for 50 students based on their performance at annual event
    • Handled $1,000+ in cash and credit transactions daily
    • Collaborated with a team of nine students to develop goals and presentation for case competition
  • How many should there be?  There should at least be two bullet points under every experience or activity, unless you are just listing them at the bottom of the section.  In most cases it is ineffective to have more than 4-5 bullet points.
  • Content:  The bullet points should be specifically about you and your accomplishments, not about the job, organization, or company description.  Also try to stay away from simply stating tasks and instead use more specific descriptions of the skills you used to complete the tasks and/or how you benefited the company.  Differentiate yourself from other employees/members of the organization – did you come up with a new idea that was implemented?  What were the results?  Did you train a new-hire for their position?  Were you employee of the month?  Of course it can still be effective to explain your duties, but we recommend doing so in a goal-oriented way. 

Good luck!

If you haven’t already, please refer to our previous pre-business admissions resume posts by typing in ‘BBA Admissions Resume’ in the search box above.

Don’t forget, your application is due on March 30 at 4:30pm!