The Wisconsin BBA Honor code was born of a group of students considering and conceptualizing what it means to be a Wisconsin BBA student. This group saw room to improve the sense of community, camaraderie, and cooperation among business school students. Realizing accountability not only to themselves, but also to their peers reinforces a sense of responsibility. They understood their actions impact not only their own personal reputation and standing, but also that of the business school—the alma mater—and other students and alumni.

The student body voted on and passed the Honor Code in the spring 2011 elections. The Code is a statement of core values that incoming students vow to uphold and attest to in writing. This starting point of shared values fosters cohesion and a sense of pride among students.

It is a source of great pride for the Wisconsin School of Business that its BBA Honor Code was led by the students themselves.

Employers are also impressed that the BBA Honor Code was student-initiated. And many MBA programs and employers have their own values-based statements. In this way, the Wisconsin BBA Honor Code contributes to the creation of a befitting business culture.

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