Gwen Eudey Director
Brian Geier TA - GB 303
Cairn Clark TA - Fin 300
Ashley Ditmarsen TA - Econ 102 (Eudey)
Tom Bakus TA - Econ 101 (Serrano)
Bjorn Markesor TA - Econ 101 (Serrano)
Joanna Syrda TA - Econ 101 (Kelly)
Umesh Khadaria TA - Econ 101 (Kelly)
Han Han TA - Econ 102 (Rick)
Jay Pribek BLC TA - AIS 100
Anne MacDonald BLC TA - AIS 100
Megan Farley BLC TA - AIS 100
Cheryl Cascio BLC TA - AIS 211
Matteo Fonda-Bonardi BLC TA - AIS 300

Gwen Eudey, PhD, - Director
Dr. Eudey is a senior lecturer in both the Finance and Economics departments. In her role as director of the BLC, she builds on both her experience and her expertise in teaching some of the large-lecture courses that are the gateway to admissions into the business school.