Adapting to rapid change has traditionally been the role of the entrepreneur, who launches a startup to compete against larger, slower rivals. But entrepreneurial thinking is not limited to new ventures. Intrapreneurs employ flexible thinking inside larger organizations, generating innovations that leverage the resource base of the established firm. There are unique challenges to overcome, but large firms have many options to jumpstart innovation by empowering intrapreneurship.

Who should attend?
This webinar is for managers or directors who are interested in learning how to implement intrapreneurship while working within a large organization.

Watch Empowering Intrapreneurship webinar here.


Adam J Bock

Adam J. Bock

Adam J. Bock, MBA, PhD, is an award-winning academic, venture financier, and serial entrepreneur. He has co-founded four life science companies spun out of university research, two of which have been acquired. Adam is the co-author (with Gerry George) of The Business Model Book (Pearson 2018), Models of Opportunity (Cambridge 2012), and Inventing Entrepreneurs (Pearson Prentice Hall 2009). He has taught entrepreneurship at numerous universities, including UW-Madison, the University of Edinburgh, and Imperial College London. He provides executive education in strategy, entrepreneurship, and innovation through the Center for Professional & Executive Development at the Fluno Center.
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