Never before has the world of work been as confusing, uncertain, or frankly uncomfortable as it is right now. Most of us are exhausted from feeling like our schedule, productivity, and life are disrupted with every email, breaking news update, and virtual water cooler conversation. Join nationally recognized speaker Cindy Solomon, founder of The Courageous Leadership Institute, for a webinar designed to help you navigate these uncertain times with courage, skill, and finesse (no handwashing needed). Cindy will share relevant techniques and best practices to help you be the most productive, courageous leader you can be.

Watch the Courageous Leadership Through Disruption webinar here.


Cindy Solomon

Cindy Solomon

Founder, The Courageous Leadership Institute Leadership expert, best-selling author, and world-class speaker

Cindy Solomon helps Fortune 5000 companies build Courageous Leadership @ Scale, better enabling their teams and organizations to compete and win regardless of the disruption or competition.

With clients ranging from financial services to aviation and healthcare to high-tech; Cindy and her team of worldwide Institute facilitators deliver cutting-edge, blended learning programs that marry live training, interactive webinars, and innovative, on-demand, microlearning digital courses that enable exceptional customer and employee engagement quickly, generating impactful bottom-line results when you need them.

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