If a computer lab is out of paper, staples, or toner, please contact a lab consultant in the Huber Undergraduate Computer Lab (room 1200). If a computer is malfunctioning, please email support@bus.wisc.edu and let us know which lab and computer number is having trouble.

How to Print from Your Laptop in Grainger Hall

Printing Wirelessly From Your Windows Laptop

Windows 7/Vista
Windows 8/10

Printing Wirelessly From your Mac Laptop

OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or above


Each student will be allotted a quota at the start of each semester. The quota is in place to have you evaluate what you absolutely need to print versus what you can read electronically. If you run out of quota during the semester, you may print with Campus Cash or prepaid print cards in the Huber Undergraduate Computer Lab (room 1200) or the Business Library.

To check your current quota, log on here and use your NetID and 10-digit student ID # for password. You will then see a summary page with your quota balance in the top.