Human Resources Staff

Chelsea Daley
Chelsea Daley
Assistant Dean of Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinators

Amber Reierson
Amber Reierson
Human Resource Coordinator
Lelah Frey
Human Resources Coordinator

Payroll & Benefits Specialists

Edna Crary
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Advanced
Jenny Hergenrother
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Advanced

Human Resources Contacts by Department

UDDS Department HR Contact Phone Email
A126700 A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research Amber 608-262-0480
A123100 Accounting and Information Systems Amber 608-262-0480
A121300 Alumni Relations Lelah 608-265-1424
A126000 Bolz Center for Arts Administration Amber 608-262-0480
A126400 Center for Brand and Product Management Amber 608-262-0480
A121000 Dean's Office Amber 608-262-0480
A126100 Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Lelah 608-265-1424
A128300 A128400 Evening and Executive MBA Programs Amber 608-262-0480
A122200 Event Services Lelah 608-265-1424
A121600 Facilities Services Lelah 608-265-1424
A123600 Finance Amber 608-262-0480
A121100 Financial Management Office Lelah 608-265-1424
A128200 Full time MBA and Masters Programs Lelah 608-265-1424
A120010 General Business Amber 608-262-0480
A126500 Graaskamp Center for Real Estate Lelah 608-265-1424
A126600 Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management Lelah 608-265-1424
A126200 Hawk Center for Investment Analysis Amber 608-262-0480
A121200 Human Resources and Payroll Lelah 608-265-1424
A121400 Information Technology Solutions Lelah 608-265-1424
A122300 Innovation Amber 608-262-0480
A126800 Insite Amber 608-262-0480
A124200 International Business Amber 608-262-0480
A123800 Management and Human Resources Amber 608-262-0480
A123900 Marketing Amber 608-262-0480
A121900 Marketing and Strategic Communication Lelah 608-265-1424
A126300 Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Amber 608-262-0480
A124000 Operations and Information Management Lelah 608-265-1424
A128600 PhD/MS Programs and Research Administration Amber 608-262-0480
A124100 Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Lelah 608-265-1424
A123200 Risk and Insurance Lelah 608-265-1424
A125100 Small Business Development Center Lelah 608-265-1424
A126900 Strategic Human Resource Management Amber 608-262-0480
A121800 Teaching and Learning Support Lelah 608-265-1424
A128100 Undergraduate Program Office Amber 608-262-0480
A127100 Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship Amber 608-262-0480


Human Resources and Employment Relations
4250 Grainger Hall
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Fax: +1 608-890-0663