A limited number of advance permits may be available through Event Services on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests must be submitted via the online Parking Request System at least two weeks prior to your event date.

Payment: Advance Permits are only available as full-day permits (no partial/half-day permits) for $13. Payment must be made in advance in the form of a check or a UW funding string.

***Parking Permits will cost $15 per permit effective September 1st, 2018***

Policies for Advanced Permits

  • University of Wisconsin employees (including part-time employees) are not eligible for advance permits in Lot 7. Permits through Event Services are intended for those attending events in Grainger Hall. Please see the UW Accounting Services policy for more information, or contact UW Transportation Services for parking alternatives.
  • In support of our partnership with UW Transportation Services, all advance permit must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to your event. If you do not meet this deadline, we are not able to guarantee a parking permit.
  • Please note that space in Lot 7 is not guaranteed. On rare occasions, guests may be routed to a nearby lot.