Our Vision

Diversity & Climate

The world needs inspiring leaders. At the Wisconsin School of Business, we bring together passionate individuals driven to improve lives within and beyond their organizations. They gain new perspectives and the confidence to inspire.

Wisconsin School of Business graduates are a diverse group of individuals, well prepared to work in a global and multicultural business environment. Our graduates lead diverse teams and build on their synergies to drive their organizations. They are actively engaged as alumni in helping the Wisconsin School of Business become a lifelong learning community that is diverse, inclusive, and collaborative.

Our Commitment

Diversity & ClimateEmbracing diversity and inclusion is a core value for the Wisconsin School of Business. We are most successful in our work when we engage with others who bring different perspectives and experiences that challenge our own. By developing a shared understanding of each other’s experiences, we build individual cultural competencies, launching our students on the path to a life of success and significance.

Diversity and inclusion are core values fully supported by our leadership and the strategic priorities of the school. We embrace learning by integrating ongoing diversity and inclusion engagements among faculty, staff, and students through co-curricular activities, multidisciplinary projects, and within our faculty, staff, and student recruitment strategy.

Diversity & Climate

The Diversity Advisory Board

The Wisconsin School of Business Diversity Advisory Board provides guidance to the director of diversity and climate in shaping the school’s initiatives around the recruitment, retention, and placement of diverse candidates–particularly underrepresented candidates–as well as recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff. The board also provides guidance on and shares in the assessment of culture and climate matters for the school. Click here to meet the board »


Diversity at the Wisconsin School of Business and Across Campus

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