"Public research universities hold great untapped potential to address the world’s most complex challenges." - Dean

Imagine business organizations and public universities joining forces to guide research opportunities, inform learning experiences, and generate inspiring ideas and leaders that will propel us all forward.

At the Wisconsin School of Business, we understand the power of collaboration to move the world forward. With a long and rich history, true to the mission of UW-Madison, we foster a passionate and diverse community of scholars, leaders and learners to address business challenges, inspire leadership and improve lives. 

Together, we move forward with strategic focus around focused research excellence, inspired learning experiences, and an exemplary learning community. The benefits are a community of individuals who confidently look for new perspectives, seek to be inspired and inspire others as part of the powerful, lifelong learning community.

Together Forward.


François Ortalo-Magné
Albert O. Nicholas Dean
Wisconsin School of Business
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