Working Lunch Buffets

Includes soda, water cambro, and chocolate chip cookies. Bottled water may be substituted upon request at no additional cost. Priced per person. Minimum order 10.

Many lunch items are also available for dinner upon request for an additional $2 per person

Special Dietary Needs
(v) = vegetarian
(vg) = vegan
(pg) = prepared without gluten


Sandwich and Wrap Options

Gourmet Sandwiches & Wraps
Choice of two meat and one vegetarian sandwich or wrap options and choice of one soup or salad option. Served with chocolate chip cookies, canned soda and iced water in cambro. Bottled water may be substituted for no additional cost.
Build Your Own Box Lunch
Choice of two meat  and one vegetarian sandwich or wrap options and choice of one salad option (sorry soup not available). Served with chocolate truffle, canned soda and water bottles. If you would like the catering team to assemble the box lunches ahead of time, we are happy to do so upon request at no additional cost.
Sandwich & Wrap Options:
  • Ham and Swiss with Dijon aioli and spring mix on rye bread 
  • Roast Beef with garlic aioli, pickled red onions and white cheddar on multigrain bread
  • Smoked Turkey with white cheddar, bacon, and tomato aioli on multigrain bread
  • Chicken with white cheddar and garlic aioli on cranberry wild rice bread
  • Smoked Turkey with spring mix, tomato spread and havarti on a croissant
  • Chicken with tomato, spring mix, butternut squash tahini spread on a croissant
  • Italian Meats & Cheeses on a hoagie with zesty mayo
  • Chicken with tomato aioli and spring mix on a spinach tortilla 
  • Butternut Squash Tahini Wrap with grilled vegetables and greens on a spinach tortilla (vg)
  • Chimichurri Tofu with arugula on Cuban bread (vg)
  • Hummus & Tabbouleh with red cabbage, radish and carrots in a spinach tortilla (vg)
**All sandwiches and wraps can be prepared on Udi's multigrain gluten free bread.  

Soup Options:

  • Squash Bisque (v)
  • Mushroom and Barely (vg)
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Minestrone (v)

Salad Options:

  • Mixed Greens with House Made Vinaigrette and Ranch Dressing 
  • Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • BBQ Quinoa and Kale Salad
  • Grilled Vegetable and Radiatori Pasta Salad


Price is per total guest count
Kettle Chips   $1 
Additional Sandwich Selection  $2 
Additional Salad or Soup Selection   $2 
Priced per serving. Minimum order 10, unless noted otherwise.   
Soda & Bottled Water  $1.75 

Steep and Brew Coffee and Tazo Tea
Fair trade certified, organic and locally roasted coffee. Includes hot water and selection of Tazo tea


Tazo Tea 
Includes hot water and an assortment of Tazo tea

Individual Bottled Juice  $2 
Carafes of Juice
Orange, Apple, Cranberry (serves 4)

Carafes of Milk
2%, Skim, Chocolate 



Additional Lunch Options

Pasta Lunch
Mixed greens with Italian dressing, penne pasta, meatballs in marinara, tomato-basil marinara (vg) or Alfredo sauce (vg), garlic bread  
Build Your Own Gyro
Mixed greens with Greek vinaigrette, pita bread, lemon chicken, grilled eggplant (v), lettuce, tomato, red onion and Tzatziki sauce
Island Chicken  
Mixed greens with house made balsamic vinaigrette, grilled chicken with orange-basil salsa, black beans and rice (vg), naan bread
Thai Curry 
Mixed greens with sesame ginger dressing, curried chicken (contains peanut oil), Eggplant Curry (v), jasmine rice

Build Your Own Salad
Mixed greens with ranch and house-made balsamic vinaigrette, chilled chicken strips, marinated portabella mushrooms, salad bar accompaniments, French baguette, seasonal fresh fruit

Mixed greens with sesame ginger dressing and ranch, peanut noodle salad, marinated beef tips. steamed vegetables with stir fry sauce, jasmine rice
Hot Sandwich Buffet
Mixed greens with ranch and cranberry vinaigrette, coleslaw, kaiser rolls, BBQ pulled pork or fire braised chicken, balsamic glzaed mushrooms (vg), lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese, kettle chips

Taco Lunch
Mixed greens with avocado ranch and house made balsamic vinaigrette, flour tortillas, fajita chicken, taco beef, black beans, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos, shredded cheese, pico de gallo and black bean salsa, sour cream, cilantro lime rice (add guacamole for $1 per person)

Wisconsin Tailgate
Mixed greens with ranch and house made balsamic vinaigrette, potato salad, grilled hamburgers, Klement's beer brats, vegetarian brats, assorted sandwich rolls, ketchup, mustard, onion, sauerkraut, pickle relish, lettuce, tomato, onion, kettle chips