Honor CodeAt the Wisconsin School of Business, the central role academic integrity plays in creating and maintaining a viable academic community is self-evident.

Our students intuitively grasp the impact trust, honor, and accountability have on their education—in the creation of a collegial environment, the valuation others place on their credentials post-graduation, and their ability to execute good decision-making on the job. 

Thus, BBA and MBA students affirm honor codes upon entrance. The BBA Honor Code acts as a statement of core value and a starting point for shared values. MBA students attest to both a personal statement and the MBA Honor Code. Additionally, MBA students heading into the workplace reaffirm their dedication to ethical standards with the Exit Pledge.

What’s more, the school takes tremendous pride in the fact that both the BBA Honor Code and MBA Exit Pledge are products of student initiative. Because of this deep commitment, our graduates form trusted relationships and are driven by the best interests of their organization and clients.