Items ordered for pick-up are prepared and packaged "to go" in disposable containers. Customers will pick up food items from the Information Desk in the East Atrium within five minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, as arranged with Conference Services. Pick up orders do not include accompanying items such as plates, napkins and utensils. These items are available for purchase (listed below) or can be supplied by the customer.

Note: Customers are responsible for clean-up of all catering items after their event. Fees may apply if the room is not returned to its original state.

Orders must be placed a minimum of 5 business days prior to the pickup date. Any orders placed after this deadline are subject to a $25.00 late order fee. In addition, any customer who cancels an order within 3 days of an event may be held responsible for paying the full charges.

Student Organization Discount
Student organizations are eligible for a 20% discount on pick-up menu items when they pay the invoice using a check that is drawn from the student organization's bank account.

Special Dietary Needs

(v) = vegetarian
(vg) = vegan
(pg) = prepared without gluten

Salty Snacks

Wisconsin Cheese Tray with Crackers (v)
Small 12-15 servings $30
Large 25 servings $40
Sliced Swiss, pepper jack, and cheddar cheeses served with a variety of crackers
Fiesta Tray with Homemade Tortilla Chips (v)
50 Servings
A south of the border blend of cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, chopped onions and black olives layered on top of a zesty dip. Served with homemade tortilla chips
Homemade Tortilla Chips and Salsa Fresca (vg)
50 Servings
Pretzels (v)
50 Servings
Popcorn (v)
50 Servings
Potato Chips (vg),
50 Servings
Potato Chips and French Onion Dip (v),
50 Servings
Gardetto's (v),
50 Servings
A savory blend of pretzels, rye chips, sesame and plain breadsticks

Sandwiches and Wraps


Sandwiches & Wraps - Minimum order of 10
Individually wrapped sandwiches. Includes mayo, yellow mustard, and Dijon mustard packets. Please choose up to three of the following sandwich options:

$5.50 / sandwich/ wrap
  • Ham and Swiss with Dijon aioli and spring mix on rye bread
  • Roast Beef with garlic aioli, pickled red onions and white cheddar on multigrain bread
  • Smoked Turkey with white cheddar, bacon and tomato aioli on multigrain bread
  • Chicken with white cheddar and garlic aioli on cranberry wild rice bread
  • Smoked Turkey with spring mix, tomato spread and havarti on a croissant
  • Chicken with tomato, spring mix, butternut squash tahini spread on a croissant
  • Italian Meats & Cheeses on a hoagie with zesty mayo
  • Chicken with tomato aioli and spring mix on a spinach tortilla
  • Butternut Squash Tahini Wraps with grilled vegetables and greens on a spinach tortilla (vg)
  • Chimichurri Tofu with arugula on Cuban bread (vg)
  • Hummus & Tabbouleh with red cabbage, radish and carrots in a spinach tortilla (vg)
**All sandwiches and wraps can be prepared on UDi's Multigrain Gluten Free Bread


Assorted Soda Cans
Soda variety includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero and Mountain Dew
$16 / dozen
Coffee To Go
Choose from regular or decaf. Coffee condiments (sugar, creamer, java jackets, lids, cups, and stir sticks) and cups are included. Serves 8 people.
Bottled Juice
Assorted 10 oz. bottles of apple, orange, or cranberry juices
$16 / dozen
Two Liter Bottles
Choose from: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Sprite Zero
Each bottle comes cold with 10 cups
$5 / bottle
Tazo Tea To Go
Includes 10 tea bags, hot water, honey, lemon, sugar, cups, java jackets, lids, and stir sticks
Bottled Water
$16 / dozen

Sweet Treats

Fresh Whole Fruit (vg)
Choice of apples, oranges or bananas Minimum order 1 dozen per selection
$13 / dozen
Cookies (v)
An assortment of cookies, including chocolate chip, turtle, white chocolate Macadamia nut, and cranberry walnut
$7.50 / dozen
Bars and Brownies (v),
20 servings
A choice of strawberry cheesecake bars, brownies, pumpkin bars, seven layer bars, or lemon bars
Cupcakes (v)
Choose from yellow or chocolate cake with either chocolate or butter cream frosting
One selection per dozen
$15 / dozen
Homemade Coffee Cake (v)
20 servings
Your choice of Cinnamon Streusel or Blueberry Crumb
Assorted Donuts (v) $18 / dozen


Rocky Rococo Pizza Options   
Rocky Rococo Thin Crust Basic Pizza
A 16'' traditional pizza with your choice of three toppings (limit 2 meat). Choose from: mushroom, onion, green pepper, pineapple, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, sausage or black olives
Sorry, no half and half pizzas. Serves 4-5.
$18 / pizza

Rocky Rococo Deep Dish Basic Pizza
A 12" x 18" deep dish pizza with your choice of three toppings (limit 2 meat). Choose from: mushroom, onion, green pepper, pineapple, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, sausage or black olives.
Sorry, no half and half pizzas. Serves 4 -5.

Rocky Rococo Specialty Pizza
A traditional thin crust 16" pizza or a 12" x 18" deep-dish pizza. Pizza selections: macaroni and cheese, spinach tomato, Chicago, BBQ chicken pineapple, chicken bacon ranch. Serves 4-5. 
 $24 / pizza

Rocky Rococo Gluten Free Pizza
A traditional 10" thin crust pizza. Pizza selections: cheese, pepperoni or sausage. Serves 1-2.

Whole wheat crust available upon request for all Rocky Rococo pizzas.

$18 / pizza
Ian's Pizza Options   
Ian's Pizza
Choose from: cheese, pepperoni, or sausage Sorry, no half and half pizzas. Serves 5-6.
$24 / pizza
Specialty Ian's Pizza
Choose from: Macaroni and Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Penne Alfredo, Tri-Veggie, or Feta Florentine
Sorry, no half and half pizzas. Serves 5-6.
$28 / pizza
Gluten Free Ian's Pizza
Choose from: cheese, pepperoni, or sausage
Sorry, no half and half pizzas. Serves 2.
$20 / pizza
Pizza Upgrade Options 

Basic Pizza Package
Add garlic bread, chocolate chip cookies, soda and bottled water
Minimum order of 5
$3 / person, plus pizza
Deluxe Pizza Package
Add mixed greens with house-made balsamic vinaigrette, garlic bread, soda, bottled waters, and chocolate chip cookies
Minimum order of 5
$4.50 / person, plus pizza


Plastic Forks, Knives or Spoons
(Quantity: 25)
Dinner Napkins
(Quantity: 25)
Beverage Napkins
(Quantity: 50)
7½" Plates
(Quantity: 25)
11" Plates
(Quantity: 25)

12 oz Plastic Cups
(Quantity: 25)


9oz Plastic Cups
(Quantity: 25)