Justin Hawkins & Amy Woulfe, Class of 2014, take notes during online research session hosted by Orbitz Worldwide.

Roundtable discussion with A.C. Nielsen Center students, staff, and external advisory board members

Site visit to McKinsey & Company in 2012

Cally Thornton, Class of 2013, presents her student consulting project to the board.

External Advisory Board members and students discuss trends in the industry

A.C. Nielsen Center students and external advisory board members engage in roundtable discussions at the 2013 spring board meeting

Cally Thornton, Class of 2013, is awarded the Janet Christopher/Bob Drane award for being an outstanding A.C. Nielsen Center student at the 2013 Spring Board Meeting.

S. Omar Jobe, Class of 2013, and Bruce Courtney, Class of 2014, present their student consulting project to the External Advisory Board and their fellow classmates.

2012 site visit to McDonald’s.

External Advisory Board members share their personal experiences as marketing researchers

Orbitz Senior Director, Consumer Insights Stacey Symonds speaks to A.C. Nielsen Center students about online research

A.C. Nielsen Center students intensely listen to the board members’ discussion at the semi-annual External Advisory Board meetings.

Randall Janisch, External Advisory Board Member, shares his thoughts with currents students and fellow board members

John Burton, Class of 2012, presents the details of the Center’s trip to China at the 2012 Spring Board Meeting.