Agatha (Aggie) Howland

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After graduating from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in strategic communications and marketing in 2013, I spent 3 ½ years at a business-to-business public relations agency in Chicago. It was in this role that I realized my consistent desire to challenge the status quo, and I regularly questioned –with the goal of improving—the processes that we used across the firm and those that we implemented for clients. Some examples of intrapreneurial projects I took on over-and-above my day to day account responsibilities include:

Through my summer internship at Intuit and the Wisconsin Fellowship in Enterprise Development, I hope to grow my intrapreneurial skill set and ability to recognize opportunities to challenge the status quo and improve an existing business. Moreover, I’m looking forward to learning more about the challenges small businesses and entrepreneurs face on a regular basis, so I can be a stronger marketer equipped in empathizing with their needs.