Reggie Liu

Linkedin Profile

After earning my Bachelor’s degree of Control Automation from North China Electric Power University in 2009, I began my career working at Beckett Asia Pacific. For seven years, I worked in such positions as a Quality Engineer and Product & Business Development Engineer, and was later promoted to Sales Supervisor.

I have had an extensive career in the arts. I have worked for the Himalayas Museum, Today Art Museum, Beijing Dance Festival, Beijing Playhouse, and a film production entitled “Into the Rainbow.” I became a producer and director in 2016, and created a cross-disciplinary work “From 2116: The New World.” I later founded a non-profit online art platform,

I have a deep understanding of the diverse skills required for venture creation, along with an entrepreneurial spirit. I recently started a business called The Avocado, which combines software and hardware technologies with the visual arts. I hope to formalize this venture through the Fellowship Program at the Weinert Center.