Annika CanuetoSupply Chain Management

Annika Canueto received her Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Southern California in International Relations, Global Business in 2014.  Her studies in Hong Kong, Macau, Switzerland, and Spain introduced her to the complexities of international business in East Asia and Europe.  She experienced how culture greatly influences business decisions.

Upon graduation, the global grocery retailer, ALDI Inc., hired Annika to be part of the company’s Southern California expansion team.  Prior to opening stores in California, Annika worked in the Greater Minneapolis area where she received training and began work as a District Manger.  She managed a multi-store district and was responsible for all functional areas of store management.  After relocating to California, Annika’s primary role focused on the successful entry into a new market with substantial geographic and demographic differences from the Midwest.  This scope added to her original responsibility for opening her own store and hiring a capable team.

While working for ALDI, Annika was exposed to many facets of the business and was struck by the critical role that logistics and supply chain management play in successful day-to-day operations.  Her role as a District Manager underscored the need to optimize transportation in order to reduce company expenses, diminish carbon footprint, and lower food waste.

With a Masters of Business Administration from UW-Madison, Annika seeks to support companies to improve supply chain operational efficiencies.  Annika looks forward to helping organizations maximize performance in this area, lowering carbon footprint, conserving energy, and reducing waste.