Justin KremersReal Estate and Urban Land Economics

Justin Kremers graduated from Calvin College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts, studying English and Architecture. Since graduation he has held a variety of different positions from working as a franchise manager and running his own painting business in west Michigan, to his most recent position as a Corporate Brand Specialist for Meijer, a major grocery and retail chain in the Midwest. Justin comes to the Wisconsin School of Business with a background in architecture, branding/packaging and entrepreneurship. Along with his MBA from Wisconsin, Justin is looking to leverage his professional experiences and education to move into the real estate field, specifically real estate development.

Justin looks forward to learning more about the real estate world, exploring different career opportunities and developing his leadership and professional skills. Along with this, he is excited to build his professional network and develop his career in the process.
Justin grew up in the Chicago area and credits his love of architecture and real estate to the beautiful design and layout of the city. Along with this, his grandfather, uncle and aunt are all architects who helped to instill in him a passion for buildings and development. In his free time, Justin enjoys playing soccer, tennis and guitar and training for triathlons.