Reggie LiuArts Administration

Reggie Liu is thrilled to be joining the Bolz Center for Arts Administration at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Originally born and grown up in Beijing, China, Reggie has slash careers spanning Himalayas Museum, Today Art Museum, Beijing Dance Festival, Beijing Playhouse, and film production “Into the Rainbow”, meanwhile he was able to maintain full-time employment as an engineer and business developer in manufacturing industry.

Became a producer and director in 2016, Reggie combined contemporary dance, modern classical music, video arts and conceptual architecture together and created performance “From 2116: The New World” for the Shanghai Project, a multidisciplinary ideas platform directed by world-renowned curators Yongwoo Lee and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Later on he founded XCreation, a non-profit platform missions in practicing the cross-disciplinary philosophy through creating art works.

Earned BE’s degree of Control Automation from North China Electric Power University in 2009, Reggie started 7 years’ career rotation at Beckett Asia Pacific, an affiliation to Beckett Corporation in US. During first 2 years he was hired as quality engineer in charging daily production status and supply chain qualification, and then was sent to the company’s US headquarter for a 4-month training on engineering management and business development. From 2012 he worked as Product & Business Development Engineer and in 2015 was promoted to Sales Supervisor, to help the company initiating engineering capacity, localize US product lines and open new market of Heating and Cooling product and Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage equipment in China.

With the understanding on the diverse areas and a spirit of entrepreneurship, Reggie seeks new angles to combine the arts with technology and business management philosophy with the hope to cause more impactful and sustainable consequences in the cultural sphere.