Muhammad Ammad AminMarketing Research

Ammad Amin is excited to be part of the Neilsen Center class of 2019. Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, he attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison as an undergrad. As an undergrad Ammad was fascinated by the complexity of the US healthcare system and discovered the intricacies of the system through internships, school work and an independent study. Upon graduation he found his way to a health actuarial analyst role with Willis Towers Watson.

At Willis Towers Watson he worked on helping some of the largest employers in Wisconsin manage their health care costs. He helped his clients identify potential areas of improvement in their health plan offerings, helped them set appropriate annual health plan budgets, and assisted them in calculating right amounts of reserves for their liabilities. He also worked very closely with the firm’s annual financial benchmarking survey. In his role he was responsible for driving participation, coordinating survey entries and reviewing the results. While his role at Willis Towers Watson was very intellectually satisfying to the quantitative side of his brain he always found himself wondering how his projections compared to the actual outcomes. The actual outcomes were based on consumer choice and his curiosity of understanding consumer behavior is what has driven him to pursue an MBA in marketing research.     

Ammad is a very opinionated sports fan who loves to have a respectful debate on sports topics. He is also very passionate about defeating hunger and homelessness in his local community and beyond.