Nathan CoppernollRisk Management and Insurance

Prior to joining the MBA program at Wisconsin, Nathan Coppernoll spent 5 years in the healthcare industry as an account manager. In this role, he worked side by side with insurers, brokers, and clients to improve access to high quality healthcare at reasonable costs to patients. He brought to this role the dedication, diligence, and leadership developed while serving in the United States Air Force. While serving, Nathan was quickly promoted ahead of his peers and was soon chosen for highly selective roles. Among those roles was as a sentinel for Russian delegates performing START Treaty nuclear inspections, and as support for teams during Hurricane Katrina. These unique experiences highlighted for Nathan the value of successful risk management strategies. As a summer intern at CUNA Mutual Group’s innovation center, Nathan was exposed to the rapidly growing and evolving Fintech and Insurtech industries. During his internship he provided insight to the team on trends, trajectory and emerging opportunities within the team’s focus areas. Nathan gained valuable experience with agile development, lean startup methodology, and strategies for building and launching new and innovative products in an undeveloped market.

Nathan looks forward to learning more about the types of techniques organizations employ to manage risk, specifically in the areas of international risk exposure and post-event crisis management response. Additionally, he plans to explore opportunities related to his internship experience, where his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit were stoked. In his free time, Nathan enjoys spending time outdoors, playing golf, hiking, and experiencing new places.