Priya GuptaOperations and Technology Management
Priya Gupta is currently pursuing her MBA in Operations and Technology Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. Priya graduated from BIT Mesra in 2013 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science. 
She started her career as a Software developer at a multinational firm Aricent that helped her develop a strong technological foundation with an experience to engineer products, resolve practical issues and build organizational capability. 
After more than 2 years of valuable experience at Aricent, an innate passion to explore the Marketing field led her to quit her higher-paying job at Aricent and join a digital marketing startup Cbetter. At this startup, Priya helped diverse brands rebuild their online marketing and provided result oriented end-to-end marketing solutions through social media, viral marketing & experiential events etc. 
She helped transform the online presence of clients ranging from a local intercity cab service to an annual International Healthcare event BioAsia through effective digital marketing campaigns and increased user engagement.
Priya is looking forward to applying her experience of digital marketing and software engineering to a successful career as a Product Manager.
In her spare time, Priya enjoys Yoga, writing poems, travelling, cooking and trying new cuisines.