Phuc Hung NguyenMarketing Research

Phuc Hung Nguyen starts his MBA at UW-Madison’s A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research after attending Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and graduated with a Bachelor in Economics in 2015.

After graduation, he worked for a while at American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam as a project officer, managing their website and IT systems and helped organizing networking events. After that, Hung joined a startup company manufacturing apparel and other souvenirs in traditional design, where he developed their website and e-commerce platform, as well as acquired new international partners. That’s when he became interested in consumer behavior, in why certain arrangement of items in the website or descriptions in a certain format could attract more customers.

This interest was intensified when Hung moved on to FE Credit, a financial services company, where he worked as a Product Manager for their messaging app communication channel and Mobile Wallet. Through his experience at FE Credit, he discovered, on multiple occasion, that a slight tweak in the message content, or a minor change in a menu name, can increase customer interaction by multiple times. Knowing that his innate curiosity will not stop asking questions, Hung joins UW-Madison and hopes to combine Marketing and Marketing Research knowledge gained from the program with his technological prowess to find a niche in current digitalized world.

A native of the seaside town of Hoi An, Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage, Hung grew up amongst travelers from all corners of the world. That gave him a love of travel, of discovering new culture, new places, and new people. Hung hopes he will find all of those at Madison.