Kristen MezzapelleSupply Chain Management

Kristen Mezzapelle is an MBA candidate at the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Business with a focus in Supply Chain Management.  Upon graduating from Chapman University in 2011, Kristen began her career working in law firm marketing first in New York City and then in San Francisco.  Her most recent role as Senior Business Development Coordinator at a mid-sized, national firm focused heavily on proposal strategy, development and writing as proposals are one of the most direct ways to generate business as a result of the firm’s large public agency client base.  

Over the course of her career working in the fast-paced, demanding environments of law firms, she has developed the ability to learn the professional practices of a variety of attorneys and, in turn, provide them with strategic counseling that focuses on the growth of their revenue generating business development efforts.  Having been a part of the revenue generating aspect of the service supply chain, Kristen now would like to grow her knowledge on employing cost efficient methods for a business by learning about operations and traditional supply chain management for consumer products and retail companies.   

Kristen drew inspiration for the career change after reading Starbucks’ former CEO Howard Schultz’s book, Onward. Working for a similar Fortune 500 company in supply chain, combined with the hard skills learned from earning a UW-Madison MBA will position her to influence a company’s business decisions through environmental sustainability, education on increasing threats to supply chains, and cross-functional department productivity. 

A true Northern Californian at heart, you can typically find Kristen hiking, swimming, dining at new local restaurants, or at a vineyard sipping on Petite Sirah.