Ross JacobsonBrand and Product Management

Ross Jacobson joins the Wisconsin School of Business and the Brand and Product Management Class of 2019 after a number of years overseeing college sports coverage for a handful of newspapers. Born and raised in Fresno, California, he found a new home in the Midwest and attended Northwestern University, earning a bachelor's degree in journalism.


He worked as a sports reporter in the Chicago suburbs right out of college before jumping at the opportunity to take a management position and become a sports editor. While Ross had always carried visions of reporting and writing great stories through college, it was in DeKalb, Illinois, that he discovered his true skills were more involved in advising other reporters, simultaneously managing short-term and long-term projects, and leading the overall direction of the sports department. He moved out to Wyoming in order to further develop these skills by leading a larger staff and then came to Madison to gain more experience in traditional media’s newest digital initiatives.


Ross looks forward to continue honing his leadership and team management skills while transitioning into a new career with the Wisconsin MBA program. In his free time, Ross can be found training for another marathon, reading up on sociology and environmental sustainability, and planning his next adventure to one of the country’s national parks.