Komal SinghOperations and Technology Management

Komal Singh joins University of Wisconsin - Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from PEC University of Technology – Chandigarh, India.

Her professional experience involves working as a consultant for Deloitte’s IT segment for close to 4 years. Komal began her apprenticeship as a Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte focusing on implementing technical solutions on the Enterprise resource system(ERP) of clients’ business suite. During this time, she was appreciated for showing excellence while single-handedly developing software solution while working with teams across the globe and also optimizing solutions that increased the overall efficiency of one of the client’s financial processing system saving them time and effort. This motivated her to venture into designing solutions and she hence transitioned to a functional role where she successfully implemented financial processes like General ledger, E-business tax and Fixed assets on the clients’ business suite.

Her focus on operations and management comes from her time working with cross functional and globally distributed teams to efficiently run and troubleshoot tasks for real time transactions in the business suite. Through her MBA at Wisconsin, she wishes to gain exposure to analyze issues and build strategies for realizing optimum results capitalizing upon latest technology trends.

Apart from work, Komal likes being a part of public speaking activities, acting and dancing. She also likes to invest time in community development with activities focusing more on the improvement of the underprivileged and for the children facing crisis.