Gabe MossOperations and Technology Management

Gabriel Moss-Masaquiza joins the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management after spending five years as a designer and digital production manager at both a multinational energy consulting firm and also at a small boutique high end residential design firm. While working in the energy sector his specialty was in underground electrical duct bank design and installation. This included defining project specifications, project management, and remote construction management. Before jumping into the energy sector he led a complete overhaul, and in many cases, invention, of a small design company's digital capabilities. Putting in place graphic standards, a marketing presence, and building out a website increased efficiency, client satisfaction, and a 30% increase in revenue. This included continuing his education by getting certified in HTML, CSS, and JQuery.

Gabriel looks forward to developing and deepening his understanding of business operations and management in general. He hopes to connect these skills to his background in design and bring outside-the-box thinking to a strategic position for an innovative and global company.

Gabriel graduated with a Bachelors of Science with Honors in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University, where he also graduated Sigma Lambda Alpha and as a member of the Varsity Cycling Team. He enjoys problem solving and finding clever, efficient, solutions to complex problems. Outside of work and school Gabriel enjoys backpacking and skiing as well as competitive bike racing and is a hobbyist stock trader.