Karl KruegerOperations and Technology Management

Karl Krueger will earn his MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business with a specialization in Operations and Technology Management. For his undergrad, he attended the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater where he earned his BBA with a double major in Economics and General Management.

Karl was hired by Weimer Bearing and Transmission in March of 2012 for an inside sales position. After less than a year, Karl was relocated to the newly acquired Northern Industrial Supply in Saginaw, MI where he added purchasing and inventory responsibilities in addition to his sales role. A few short months later, Weimer acquired another company. This time it was RPM, Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI. Karl moved for the second time in less than a year to oversee the successful integration of RPM into the Weimer family. He managed day-to-day operations of the regional branch, as well as acting a liaison between the sales, purchasing and manufacturing teams, leading the branch to increase overall sales and profit margins. He also led the research and development of new product groups and manufacturing methods to target new market segments and improve manufacturing efficiency. Karl has shown an aptitude for understanding the different business functions, seeing the big picture and the small details and developed a reputation as someone that will get the job done right and efficiently.

In his free time, Karl enjoys cooking, playing on an Ultimate Frisbee team and travel. Some of his favorite experiences include a semester in London, SCUBA diving in the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Rocky Mountains and a recent five country tour of Europe.

Karl is joining the OTM program in order to hone his leadership skills and expand his business knowledge The program will prepare him for and elevate him to the next level of challenges.