Jeff AtkinsOperations and Technology Management

Jeffrey Atkins joins the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management at the Wisconsin School of Business after five exciting years in quality assurance, R&D, and laboratory management. He is eager to share his enthusiasm for efficiency and process optimization with his classmates and to learn as much as possible from their experiences and perspectives. 

Jeffrey earned his bachelor of science in biochemistry from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. During all four years, he played trombone in the Michigan Marching Band and Michigan Basketball Band. This led to many exciting and, unfortunately, heartbreaking trips and memories. After graduating, Jeffrey joined Medline as an associate chemist, where he developed and honed his laboratory testing skills, while simultaneously absorbing as much as he could from those around him about quality assurance, process improvement, and laboratory management. When Medline acquired a new drug, device, and cosmetic manufacturing facility in Hartland, WI in 2014, Jeffrey was identified as the ideal candidate to grow and run the on-site chemistry lab there. This opportunity was impossible to let pass—it combined Jeffrey’s passions for chemistry and process creation, and gave him a chance to manage employees for the first time. After 2+ years managing the day-to-day operations of this FDA-compliant lab, Jeffrey decided to return to school to pursue his MBA to increase his business knowledge and expand his career opportunities. 

Outside of work and school, Jeffrey has many interests. His favorite activities occur outdoors, from cycling to hiking to golfing to just enjoying the fresh air. He also enjoys travelling around the world, particularly to locations where he can enjoy nature and learn new things. And although he grew up on Chicago’s north shore, his transition to the Badger State has been eased by his love of cheese, beer, and sausages—three things he expects to serve him well in Madison.