Tommy AndersonApplied Security Analysis

Tommy Anderson is a first year Master’s candidate in the Applied Security Analysis Program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Tommy is highly motivated and possesses significant work experience including: Equity Research positions at Alta Capital and Heartland Advisors, a Sales & Trading Summer Analyst role at BMO Capital Markets, a Wealth Management Internship at Morgan Stanley and a Corporate Finance Internship at TeamOn, which is a financial services firm located in Barcelona.

In addition to work experience, he founded and continues to lead the Algorithmic Trading Club. ATC is a student organization that combines financial analysis with computer science to create highly efficient investment strategies. Proprietary algorithms analyze a variety of technical and fundamental indicators in order to generate profitable trades. As an example, the club's foreign exchange account constantly monitors correlations and looks to profit on breakdowns between highly correlated currency pairs.

Lately, Tommy has focused on utilizing machine learning techniques and factor based analysis to describe past market conditions and achieve superior asset returns. His most recently completed project is a dynamic algorithm based on Support Vector Machines (SVM) that is capable of explaining what fundamental factors were driving the market at any given point in time. It is also able to predict stocks that will outperform and has back-tested at a 14.6% annualized return since the beginning of 2008.

On the fundamental side, his investment philosophy follows a blend of growth and value styles. Tommy believes that thorough research, conservative modeling and a robust grasp of a company's operations can help analysts outperform the market.