Adam LifkaBrand and Product Management

Adam Lifka joins the Wisconsin School of Business and the Center for Brand and Project Management with a diverse skillset that has been cultivated by working in multiple markets, industries, and disciplines over the course of his career in marketing and consulting. Since his time as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, where he earned a BS in Commerce, Adam has taken on a variety of challenges to understand how to address varying customer needs through multiple aspects of marketing.  


Adam was first exposed to media and advertising sales during a summer internship with University Directories, and he quickly learned how to tailor messaging to each client based on their business model and clientele. In another internship, Adam got to experience how to navigate regulations and how to do a competitive analysis in the pharmaceutical industry during an international market entry analysis that he did for Kramer Consumer Healthcare’s FungiNail product. After graduating, Adam developed his skills in customer relations and support while supporting the clients of Covenant Wealth Advisors while assisting with their transition to a new account aggregation software.

For the last four years, Adam has been a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in their Civil Health Market, working with such clients as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs. During his time consulting, he continued to build his skillset while supporting various projects and performed such tasks as drafting a communication plan for an information sharing consortium, auditing and analyzing prescription records, conducting an environmental scan of healthcare asset and service management practices, developing Help Desk support processes, and more.


During his time in Madison, Adam hopes to consolidate these different skills and learn how best to apply them as a brand and product manager in addition to watching some good football, tasting some good food and beer, and taking advantage of all the outdoor activities that are available.