Rahul MonieSupply Chain Management

After graduation from University of Pune with a major in Computer Engineering, Rahul started his professional career with Accenture and has worked in quality assurance, business analysis and security analysis roles spanning over sixty months. He values virtues such as sincerity, honesty and discipline - adherence to them has not only helped achieve the desired results, but has also helped create and maintain a value system ensuring personal and professional satisfaction. He was fascinated by how tons of information can be converted to just a few data points , thereby making its analysis easier and enabling faster improvements to processes in an organization. Rahul was always curious to know how businesses run successfully in spite of volatility and uncertainty.  It is this fascination and curiosity that convinced him to join an MBA program with a focus in Supply Chain Management. As businesses move from traditional Supply Chain models to data-driven Supply Chain models, Rahul is confident that he will use his past education and experience to good effect at B-school.