Anas SamiBrand and Product Management

Anas Sami graduated from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He joins the MBA class of 2019 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under Center for Brand and Product Management, bringing experiences of working in Consumer Packaged Goods industry and marketing agencies.


Anas discovered his enthusiasm for marketing one fine morning during early days of his freshman year, when he attended a seminar chaired by the marketing guru, Dr. Philip Kotler. During undergrad years, he worked as a Creative Associate with two marketing agencies, where he focused on brand building and Below-The-Line campaigns. Upon graduation, he joined ACI Limited, a leading Bangladeshi conglomerate. In the initial days he was associated with market research for different brands of ACI. After a few months, he became the custodian of ACI’s oldest and flagship pest control brand, ACI Aerosol. The responsibility of handling a brand of such stature so early in career gave him some valuable first-hand experiences in dealing not only with a brand, but also with the business as a whole. Since mosquito infestation is a pressing issue in Bangladesh, marketing a pest control brand felt incredibly challenging and fun at the same time to him. Anas believes that an MBA now from UW-Madison will broaden his career scope on a global level.


Hailing from the small South Asian nation of Bangladesh, Anas derives inspiration from the resiliency that his country shows despite being stricken with poverty and natural disasters. A nature buff, he particularly loves to travel in the mountains. Anas is an avid sports follower, with major interests in cricket, soccer and professional wrestling. He also has a keen interest in writing short poems (a genre popularly known as ‘Shayari’ in South Asia).