Nick PjevachArts Administration

Nick Pjevach is excited to return to campus to pursue his MBA in Arts Administration at the Wisconsin School of Business. He previously earned his BS in computer sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison, although it was his involvement with the Wisconsin Union Directorate Music committee that set him on his current career path. During his four years with the student organization, Nick eventually lead the group which is responsible for presenting over 200 concerts to the campus community.

Smitten by the experience of supporting artists, Nick pursued work in fundraising after graduation. This led to first an internship and then full-time position within the development department of Milwaukee Repertory Theater. As Development Database Manager for the past three years, Nick processed all donations, amounting to 40% of annual revenue, made to the second largest non-profit arts organization in the state. This experience not only helped Nick learn about the importance of solid business practices, but also fall in love with theatre, an art form he had limited exposure to previously.

As a graduate of the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, Nick hopes to explore the future of work and foster economic conditions which allow creative persons to pursue their passions.