Emily SwensonBrand and Product Management

Emily Swenson returns to her roots in Wisconsin after several years of experience working abroad and will den in the A.C. Nielson Center. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Biology, she pivoted to a career in the private education sector, coaching students into higher test scores in Bangkok, Thailand where she developed an appreciation for the nuances of branding strategy dictated by the Thai culture and “hi-so” target demographic.

In 2014, Emily further pursued her interest in business with a startup in Budapest, Hungary where her mentor, Pétér Kadás, cultivated her talent for bringing people of diverse backgrounds and cultures together to deliver innovative product and marketing methods aimed at the US market. Since then, she has also lived in Seoul, South Korea where she returned to private education, as well as Madison, Wisconsin where she has worked for both Apple Retail Store and Michael Kors Retail Stores with the intent to learn more about branding.


Emily looks forward to returning to Madison full-time to sharpen her brand and product management skills. She hopes to maintain yoga and Vipassana meditation on a daily basis, salsa dancing when the mood strikes, and scuba diving when time and location permit.